How many flowers do we see…

15 07 2011

Every day that I get out and look at the world around me and try to identify and catalog what is there I find that I am comprehending more about the things that are going on around me or simply seeing more. Yesterday we went for a walk up the logging road behind my house and tried to see how many different flowers we could spot. The phenomenon I’ve been experiencing — where identifying some things causes me to notice others — was on in full force, and by the end of the walk we’d identified (and I’d photographed) at least 31 different flowers. (although many were spotted by James, Rachel, or Robin!) There were many variations on the general dandelion-like flower; I only chose 3 of the most distinctive, so I’m sure that this is an undercount. (Although I did include 3 classic clovers — I’m sure the white and red are distinct, I’m not sure that the pink isn’t a variant of the white.)

I can’t say that I know what all of these flowers are, and I’m posting this without labeling even those that I do, but it’s fun for me to see how many of them I do know. (Sorry that a few aren’t photographed in a way to facilitate identification, if you are taking a stab at it yourself.)

Although they aren’t all great pictures, I am amazed, even if I’m saying it myself, at how beautiful so many of these pictures are. Yes, I have a nice lens and I did think a bit about how to compose the pictures, but the credit is really due to the flowers themselves. Yet another thing that is becoming clear to me is how easy beauty is to find in the natural world. It is, in a word, cheap. But, once again, the distinction between price and value couldn’t be more clear. It’s easy to get ones sense of beauty set to such a level that the dark colors of a Starbuck’s seem to delineate a space to linger for a day and a walk though the luxurious lobby of a hotel seems the epitome of refinement and beauty. But a few minutes looking down a patch of beautiful pink flowers flecked with delicate freckles or walking through the coolness of tall alders makes me long to just lie on the grass surrounded by life and its incredible diversity, never mind the comforts of civilization, or the bug bites and showers — why do I spend so much time indoors?

Anyway, here are all 31 — I only chose one of each and even so it’s kind of overload. But it was quite fun to spot each and every one.



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