About me v.2

I like to read. Mainly science, nature, history, anthropology, travel, literature (classic and modern), every issue of Wired magazine, the comics page and the editorial page and the obituaries and, oh, poetry and the occasional science fiction novel or spy novel or mystery… You can see my book list on Robert’s Goodreads
 my read shelf

Musical tastes can be deduced from Euglossine’s Last.fm profile and Robert’s Pandora profile, although I don’t filter my friends based on their musical tastes.

I like pithy quotes. Here is one list: Robert’s favorite quotes (on Goodreads.com)

I have a blog of links and bits of Wikipedia called Wikipedia Surfer. It’s as much for my own pleasure as for anyone else’s consumption.

I live fairly close to I-90, just outside Issaquah in Fall City. I have five acres and can see no other houses from any of my windows except the window in the walk-in closet which I never go in. Not because of that, but because…Actually, I’m not really sure why I don’t go in there.

This blog reflects only a small piece of me – those who know me know that I like to talk about science and politics and computers and my family, but there are other blogs and other places for that. This blog is mainly about books and poetry and nature and my connections to them, although occassionally I slip into the normal blog stuff.

I had an earlier, rather unrevealing version of this page here.: About me

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15 04 2010

wow what is this the longest story ever

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