100,000 steps so far

2 02 2008

I got a pedometer over the holidays, and I’ve worked my way up to a goal of taking 10,000 steps a day 6 days a week. I’ve posted my current progress since I started writing down the totals on a page linked at the top of the blog under the heading 10,000. As you can see from looking at days like January 24 when I walked 10,002 steps, I sometimes barely make it — forcing myself to walk ’round the house for the required distance, in that case just before tumbling exhausted into bed. It’s not the exercise late at night that I think good for me, but the exercise I do on other days in order to avoid the discomfort of strolling around the house instead of relaxing or working in the evening.

In the last week or so I’ve started to notice a significant improvement in my health. I remember reading somewhere that 60 years ago the average American did a marathon’s wort of extra exercise each week. I thought that sounded incredible at the time, but I now realize that I’m walking about 26 more miles a week than I did before I started taking the bus to work (adding 2 miles a day) and now going to 10,000 steps (adding around 2 more). Still leaves me a bit sore and tired each day, but I’m needing less sleep(!) and I’m sure that my body is slowly strengthening and adjusting to the extra effort. I think I may be in better shape now in some ways than just before the first surgery almost 5 years ago.