Now I have started doing this at another blog:  Wikipedia Surfer

Reading at the Lake
As a child I used to plan to someday read the encyclopedia from one end of the shelf to the other, but never really started. Today, there’s Wikipedia, with no first or last page, but with plenty of links to keep me going to the next page.

Some people list their favorite bands, favorite books or movies on their blogs…I might as well. But I think the Wikipedia pages I visit say something about me as well. I’m just going to keep adding the pages I visit here to this list…. Someday I’ll make a cool graphical visualization thingy that shows how they all relate and what pages are needed to link them all together!

03 February 2008 — could I walk as far as the moon? — I read a lot of his books in junior high — how many did he churn out? — sinking a big ship is still a big deal

January 2008 – Hemingway in Writer’s Almanac because it’s not MacHiavelli (discussing automatic captilization at work) — because of query suggestions for “define patron” — suggests “define catholic” – because I might be violating it by posting poems! – poem about Schubert — a name like (recently purchased)  from above Not all those who wander are lost from search for rebarbative – dissapointing book by Stephen Fry, also has rebarbative on it! – composer from above – over 50% of US publicly-traded corporations and 58% of the Fortune 500 companies are incorporated in the state


This is a group in alphabetical order from my IE history cache



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